Digital Clock Message Boards

During Time of Crisis - You need Mass Notification Across Your Facility

During Time of Crisis
You need Mass Notification
Across Your Facility

Using Digital Clock message boards in high traffic clock locations can provide and important messaging capability.  Display accurate time and switch to mass message capability across your facility for critical alerts or general messaging.  Message clock systems can bring visual notification to your facility, especially in busy noisy environments like hallways, lobbies, gymnasiums, stairwells, or office spaces

During normal operation the message board can present time of day message.  This can be switched to a high priority message which replaces all other messages during a time of crisis.

The average response time for emergency services is about ten minutes but most critical events are over in less than five minutes.

When Seconds Count - Digital Clock Message Boards from Novanex and SaplingDuring a fire, active shooter or critical weather emergency, seconds can make a difference. Digital message clocks speed up notification alerting the entire building and campus of critical situations in seconds, keeping staff and students safe until emergency responders arrive


  • Keep students and staff aware and safe
  • Visual messaging provides an extra layer of notification in critical situations
  • Band and Choir rooms may not hear overhead announcements, or text alerts
  • General messaging for events
  • Integrate the message board with your bell controller to keep staff and students in sync and on time

Accurate time is critical in healthcare facilities - where life-saving decisions are made every second of every day. Efficient patient throughput, standardized schedules, timely medication disbursement, accurate medical record maintenance and Joint Commission compliance rely on precisely synchronized time from the emergency room to the patient's room.

Displaying reminders of infection control and hygiene protocols or isolation area’s, message clocks can easily and quickly help you visually communicate. 

In addition, when not communicating important messaging, the display will display synchronized time keeping your staff on time. Accurate time allows you to keep accurate records of:

  • Coded events
  • On-time delivery of medication, testing and surgical procedures
  • Harm or psychological events of patients
  • Personnel shift changes

Message boards can also be used in conjunction with a hospital’s emergency response plan, utilizing the critical notifications solution. Customize these notifications to fit into your current emergency response language and protocols.

Novanex - time and messaging Solutions

POE OnAlert System

Is a Power over Ethernet display that delivers accurate digital synchronized time and mass notification.

The OnTime clock and OnAlert display can operate on the same network and can both be synchronized to same SNTP time server.

OnAlert can be set for three different configurations:

OnAlert showing time and date with 2 line display A close up of a green screen

1. Network Time – during non-emergency normal operation

OnAlert showing informational message

2. Informational Messaging – Display meeting, organized events or other relevant information

OnAlert showing emergency message

3. Emergency Messaging – Display high priority messages on specified displays

Learn more about POE OnAlert Systems
Sapling Time Display

Wireless Messaging Clock System Announcement

Sapling Digital Display clock with messagingDeliver easy-to-read, user-programmable messages to clocks throughout a facility in seconds.

The system starts with a Sapling Messaging Master Clock, which generates its own wireless data signal without relying on existing network infrastructure and transmits it to the clocks. Sapling SDLG Wireless Messaging Digital Clocks both receive the time and message signal and repeat it to other clocks in the system, spreading coverage throughout the facility.

Sapling Wireless Messaging Clock System Highlights:

  • Set up to 15 customized messages for the clocks to display! For anything from real-time emergency weather alerts or evacuation commands to prescheduled lunch or shift break messages!
  • Program either short, static messages (up to 8 characters) or longer scrolling messages at user-selectable speeds.
  • Cost-effective wireless solution that does not rely on network infrastructure.
  • Messages securely stored in each individual clock.
  • Built-in repeater in each clock to extend the range of the system beyond the master clock’s transmission range.
  • System coverage and redundancy is increased as more clocks are added to the system.
  • Utilizes Sapling’s wireless frequency-hopping technology to transmit and receive data, ensuring signal reliability and avoiding signal interference.
  • Operates in the license-free frequency range, so no license is required to operate the system
  • Sapling Analog Wireless Clocks are compatible with the system as a more economical option for areas that do not require message clock displays.

The Sapling Messaging Clock System is the perfect easy-to-implement solution to keep your facility fully informed with real-time message alerts! Please contact us for more information.

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Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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