Novanex Large Format LED Day/Date Clock and Messaging Sign

Novanex OnAlert – Large Format LED Day/Date Clock and Messaging Sign

Emergency Messaging on High Visibility LED Displays

LED displays continue to be an effective answer in school campuses, corporate offices, government building to alert large number of people so that they can get to safety.  Using displays in high traffic clock locations can provide an important messaging capability.

The OnAlert can be configured to displaying current time and date during non-emergency periods but switch to informational message or an emergency message.

Network Time

Network Time

The basic messaging level is the presentation of the time-of-day. The display can easily be configured to present network time and date information from any network time server when there are no active emergency or informational messages.
Informational Messaging

Informational Messaging

The next level of priority is informational or operational messaging. These messages are often meeting schedules, organizational events, lunch menus or other relevant information for your operation or campus.
Emergency Messaging

Emergency Messaging

The highest level of priority is the emergency messages.  The software will display the body of valid email messages on the specified displays at the highest priority


High Visibility

  • Highly visible from over 150 feet (50 meters) providing excellent visual alerting in high noise environments
  • LED light and speaker call attention to the display when a message is playing
  • Displays support horizontal and vertical scrolling of larger messages
  • Excellent communication option for the hearing impaired and where large groups congregate
  • Two line LED display

Power over Ethernet technology with no AC outlets required

  • Power-over-Ethernet with IOT technology is energy efficient and easily backed up by battery to keep your messages displayed.
  • Single network connection for both data and power
  • Each sign consumes no more than 15.4 watts of energy

Reliable Design

  • 3-year warranty


  • Autonomous emergency message retrieval from leading emergency notification systems
  • Local message generation from a secure web portal
  • Connects through the cloud - no local server requirement
  • Models available that can directly integrate to JCI/TFPP/ SimplexGrinnell and Honeywell Notifier fire panel


  • Linux SSH security features built-in, includes IoT remote monitoring with email alerting of condition faults

Compatible with PoE Network Clocks

  • ontimeclockThe Novanex POE clock and  LED digital messaging sign can operate on the same network, and can both be synchronized to same SNTP time server

Novanex OnAlert™ LED Clock and Emergency Messaging Sign Model OAX2-EC


Novanex OnAlert™ LED Clock and Emergency Messaging Sign Model OAX2-CS


Novanex OnAlert™ LED Clock and Emergency Messaging Sign Model OAX2-24VP


Novanex OnAlert™ LED Clock and Emergency Messaging Sign Model OAX2-NEMA

See the Novanex LED digital messaging sign in action below:


Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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