CYBERSECURITY: Hardening Security On Your SecureSync®

Customers frequently seek information and recommendations from Safran about hardening security, including general guidelines about available network security features, jamming and spoofing deterrence, bug fixes, and networking-related issues.Sometimes they're in search of specific practices for time servers and clients. Sometimes, because SecureSyn...

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Resilient PNT: How to Detect, Protect and Prevent Disruption of GPS/GNSS/PNT Signals and Sources

A Review of Current and Future Technologies with Recommendations for Critical InfrastructureExecutive Summary For the last two decades, reliance upon GPS/GNSS for positioning, navigation and timing (PNT) by civilian applications has been an overwhelming success, providing increasingly accurate and reliable PNT information everywhere for free. Howev...

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5 fintech trends you should be watching in 2023

In the fast-paced world of global financial services, gaining competitive advantage is a synonym to staying ahead of the curve. With banks, stock exchanges, credit institutions, investment firms still struggling in their push for innovation, fintech startups are sprouting everywhere, deploying groundbreaking technology, and questioning traditional ...

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Time Synchronization for Secure Networks Using Fiber

Government and military networks often utilize the concept of unclassified networks vs classified networks to manage levels of information security. Since a complete "air-gap" around a highly sensitive network is not practical, every data connection is evaluated as a security risk. When it comes to accurate synchronization traceable to time standar...

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Jamming and Spoofing Protection For GNSS Signals In Defense Applications

Problem We Solve Military bases, government facilities, and other fixed-site locations need a way to protect against the threat of signal jamming and spoofing. Because GNSS signals are relatively weak once they reach the surface of the Earth, they can be easily manipulated. Adversaries can turn low-cost SDRs into GPS jammers and spoofers. They then...

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Keeping Your Clocks Accurate

Electronic clocks control critical functions in many applications. However, clocks are often designed for low cost rather than for keeping accurate time. Even fairly accurate computer clocks will vary due to manufacturing defects, changes in temperature, electric and magnetic interference, the age of the quartz crystal, or even system load. Even th...

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Skydel 22.5 – HIL Simulation Made Easy

HIL testing is an essential step in the verification process of the Model-Based Design (MBD) approach. HIL testing is usually the last step before testing in the field and after Model-In-the-Loop (MIL), Software-In-the-Loop (SIL) or Chipset-In-the-Loop (CIL). This step is critical because it involves all the hardware and software that will be used ...

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Orolia Introduces Skydel 22.5 Upgrade with HIL Testing

Orolia Releases New Skydel GNSS Simulation Software Upgrade Featuring Advanced Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing Solution Skydel 22.5 Brings Very-Low to Zero-Effective-Latency and Enhanced Visualization Tools Orolia has released Skydel 22.5, a significant software upgrade to its Skydel simulation product line that features advanced Hardware-in-the-Loop ...

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Vehicle Spoofing with Skydel

Description GNSS signal spoofing consists of broadcasting fake signals –over the real GNSS signals– in order to take control of a GNSS receiver that will continue to track those signals in error. GNSS is very sensitive to this type of attack due to the weakness of satellite signals at the earth's surface and the fact that these signals are public a...

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Multi-Antenna GNSS Simulation for Automotive Applications

Problems it Solves When testing self-driving and driving assistance systems, GNSS simulators can generate a signal to represent the vehicle. But how those vehicles interact with other vehicles with different trajectories and speeds, handle scenarios like crash avoidance, and perform in GPS and GNSS-denied environments can make all the difference in...

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How Common is GPS Jamming? (And How to Protect Yourself)

In 2013, the Federal Communications Commission fined a person almost $32k for using a device intended to evade the fleet management tracking system on his company vehicle. The device in question: a GPS jammer. The incident occurred at the Newark Airport after FAA and NJ Port Authority officials struggled for over two years to determine why the new ...

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Don’t Spend Time on Time

Adjusting Clocks for Daylight Saving Time: Daylight saving time comes twice a year, once in March and again in November. This can be a big hassle for maintenance teams, facility managers, IT staff, and anyone else in charge of keeping a building running smoothly. Adjusting for daylight saving time is easier if you have a synchronized clock system t...

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Timing Calibration of a GNSS Receiver

GNSS is well-known for its ability to provide a position with sub-meter accuracy. However, it is less well-known that GNSS provides a very convenient way of obtaining nanosecond (or even sub-nanosecond) timing accuracy via a GNSS receiver. Indeed, in addition to the three spatial dimensions, GNSS enables the user to compute the clock bias and the d...

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Cybersecurity: Hardening security on your SecureSync

Customers frequently seek information and recommendations from Orolia about hardening security, including general guidelines about available network security features, jamming and spoofing deterrence, bug fixes, and networking-related issues. Sometimes they're in search of specific practices for time servers and clients. Sometimes, because SecureSy...

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Orolia Signs an Agreement to Acquire Seven Solutions and Advances Its Positioning, Navigation and Timing Products and Technology

Merger to Deliver High-End Performance and Ultra-Accurate Timing and Frequency Products for Commercial, Critical Infrastructure and Military Markets Worldwide Orolia, the world leader in Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing solutions, announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Seven Solutions, a global innova...

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Mitigating an NTP Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attack

Who Should Read This White Paper? Network and System EngineersNetwork and System ArchitectsNetwork and System AdministratorsDirectors/Managers of IT InfrastructureCTOs By Pritam Kandel Introduction Network time service is not something many businesses think about as a key component of their critical infrastructures. In fact, it is often overlo...

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Two problems need to be solved in any time-related application:

Which clock is used as the reference for all other clocks How to transfer the time from the reference clock to all other clocks The solution is to use a master clock as your reference. Master clock systems are used in a wide variety of applications and industries including aerospace and defence, broadcast, radio and telecom, network systems, financ...

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Securing Critical Infrastructures from Jamming and Spoofing Cyberattacks

Every day, all of us use this little technological miracle called GPS to take advantage of precise and trustable position, navigation and timing (PNT), all over the world. More than 2,000 billion Euros of critical infrastructures around the world are directly dependent upon GPS every day – including public and private, aerospace and defense, smart ...

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How Much Will a GPS Outage Cost You?

By Robyn Federman, Head of Global Commercial Marketing for Orolia Most think of GPS as simply a way to get directions from their smartphone, or to tell a friend where they're hanging out. Those of us who develop resilient positioning, navigation and timing solutions (PNT) for a living know that there's a lot more to it. GPS generates about $1.4 tri...

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NTP vs. SNTP: What’s the Difference?

By David Sohn, Solution Architect (And Which One Do You Really Need?) NTP (Network Time Protocol) and SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) are similar TCP/IP protocols in that they use the same time packet from a Time Server message to compute accurate time. The procedure used by the Time Server to assemble and send out a time stamp is exactly the s...

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Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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