NTP Time and Display Options

Time & frequency references help keep devices and systems and secondary clocks running consistently and on time to improve performance. Orolia NTP time servers offer the additional advantage of accuracy and traceability. Orolia offers time & frequency solutions supporting synchronization with an array of GNSS signals including GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou, and QZSS.

Enterprise Class Time Server

SecureSync® from Orolia combines precision GPS master clock technology and secure network-centric approach with a compact modular hardware design in a 1RU chassis to result in a powerful, scalable and flexible time server.

Public Safety Master Clocks

NetClock 9483 is a highly accurate and reliable GPS master clock technology that is easy-to-install and manage backed by NetClock's industry-leading 5-year warranty. While maintaining strict compliance to the National Emergency Number Association's (NENA) Master Clock Standard #04-002, the new NetClock has added features to support Next-Generation 911 initiatives, and has been tested against NENA’s Security for Next Generation 9-1-1 Standard #075-001.

So ensure all the display clocks in your building show the exact same time and automatically update twice a year for daylight saving time. This ensures that maintenance teams are spending more time on other priorities – rather than adjusting clocks

POE Display Clocks

PoE clocks allow you to leverage your existing Cat5e/Cat6 network wiring. The power is supplied through a PoE switch or PoE injector, drawing both power and time updates from your organization ethernet connection. This can significantly reduce your installation cost, eliminating the need for AC receptacles or the use of batteries.

WiFi Display Clocks

Sapling Wi-Fi Clock System combines wireless simplicity with total control. There is no need for to run wires between the clocks as they will receive the time data over Wi-Fi from an internet or in-house NTP Server. Simply power the clocks, connect to your network, set, and go!

Wireless Clocks

Sapling’s Wireless Clocks operate on the patented 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology. This technology allows multiple secondary clocks to operate on the same frequency range without interfering with any additional wireless products you may have. Once the secondary clocks receive the signal, they have the ability to retransmit that signal to surrounding clocks, ensuring that all timekeeping devices display the accurate time. This ability eliminates the cost for additional repeaters and transmitters as well as ensuring the most accurate time.

Using Digital Clock Message Boards in high traffic clock locations can provide and important messaging capability. Display accurate time and switch to mass message capability across your facility for critical alerts or general messaging. Message clock systems can bring visual notification to your facility, especially in busy noisy environments like hallways, lobbies, gymnasiums, stairwells, or office spaces.

During normal operation the message board can present time of day message. This can be switched to a high priority message which replaces all other messages during a time of crisis.


Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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