Precision timing for the digital world.

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Hoptroff Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS®)

We have developed a range of software-based systems to deliver precise, scientifically measured, digitally coded time.

With the highest levels of accuracy and cutting-edge adaptive control capability, the systems have a range of applications including data collection, compliance and security for global financial markets, media and broadcast, gaming and e-commerce as well as rapidly emerging distributed ledger and blockchain technologies.

Hoptroff TTaaS® is a network-delivered, traceable, and a highly accurate solution which can be swiftly and simply deployed.

Synchronise server clocks to UTC time



Hoptroff TTaaS® provides accuracy up to 100 microseconds or better and continuous traceability to primary timing sources.

Our time hubs leverage time from four Global Navigation Satellite Systems. We are also connected to the RISE Stratum Zero terrestrial primary time feed and utilise cutting edge AI-based clock steering.



Hoptroff TTaaS® tracks key KPIs: source traceability, accuracy, and granularity.

Our easy-to-use app monitors and evaluates your network ecosystem. You will be immediately alerted to any changes or updates to your network’s time.



Hoptroff TTaaS® makes sure your data is verifiable. You can store data for up to seven years and generate compliance reports in seconds.

We guarantee full compliance with strict regulations, including MiFID II and CAT.

Dedicated to resilience

Our approach to timing protects users from the increasing threat of satellite failure and keeps you fully compliant.

Accurate time synchronisation

 You can download our ‘plug-and-play’ software wherever you are and easily scale the service when needed.

Centrally managed

 By eliminating expensive hardware and maintenance processes we make time synchronisation affordable.

Flexible connection options

Designed to suit you, Hoptroff TTaaS® is available on-prem and in the cloud: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and global data centres.

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Hoptroff Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS®)

Hoptroff TTaaS® is a range of network and software-based timing solutions that are simple, resilient, and cost-effective.

Whether you need the security of verifiable time for compliance, protection from risk and fraud, or want transparency and efficiency, our obsession with accuracy will transform your business.