Wifi Clocks

Continuing Sapling’s tradition of developing cutting edge technology, the Sapling Wi-Fi Clock System combines wireless simplicity with total control. There is no need for to run wires between the clocks as they will receive the time data over Wi-Fi from an internet or in-house NTP Server. Simply power the clocks, connect to your network, set, and go!

Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks connect to a wireless local network and are capable of taking the accurate time from any NTP server, so a master clock is only optional. The Sapling Wi-Fi clocks come pre-programmed with the web addresses of public internet NTP servers. Each clock can be set and controlled through a user-friendly built-in web interface from any computer or mobile device (such as a tablet or smart phone).

Since Wi-Fi is the means of communication, Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks are ideal for facilities in need of many or just a few clocks spread far apart. It is also a great solution for multi-building campus environments utilizing existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

Sapling WiFi Clocks

The Sapling Advantage 

wifi monst soft 2

Wi-Fi Monitoring Software

Supervise the entire Wi-Fi clock system and receive analog clock low battery email alerts. This program will display all of the clocks that are present on the network and allow you to check on their status.

web interface

Built-In Web Interface

Each clock has a web interface built right in, allowing the user to set features such as 12/24 hour mode (digital clocks only), time zone offset, domestic and international Daylight Saving Time, etc.

email alerts

E-Mail Alert

Get an email notification when a locally powered clock stops communicating.

NTP servers synch setting

Server Synchronization Redundancy

Store up to 5 internal or external NTP/SNTP server addresses to ensure synchronization in the event that one of the servers fails to communicate.

fcc compliant

Fully Compliant

All Wi-Fi clocks have UL, cUL and FCC approval or pending status.


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Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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