SAW Series Wi-Fi Analog Clock

Sapling’s SAW Series Wi-Fi Clocks connect to a wireless local network and are capable of taking the accurate time from any NTP server. The Sapling Wi-Fi clocks come pre-programmed with the web addresses of public internet NTP servers. Each clock can be set and controlled through a user-friendly built-in web interface from any computer or mobile device (such as a tablet or smart phone).

Since Wi-Fi is the means of communication, Sapling Wi-Fi Clocks are ideal for facilities in need of many or just a few clocks spread far apart. It is also a great solution for multi-building campus environments utilizing existing Wi-Fi infrastructure. The system also includes the Wi-Fi Monitoring Software to monitor the clocks.

  • Extremely durable ABS Housing
  • Side-molded, durable polycarbonate crystal
  • Anti-fading, polystyrene dial face for clear visibility
Sapling Analog Clock
Wi-Fi Analog Clock


  • Built-in web interface in each clock for ease of setup and monitoring
  • Each clock comes programmed with 5 third party NTP servers
  • Local power options – 24V, 110V, and 230V
  • 5-8 year battery life
  • Operates on existing Wi-Fi Infrastructure
  • Smooth surface black ABS case and polycarbonate crystal
  • Brushed Aluminum and Cherry Wood case finished available
  • FCC Compliant
  • UL Listed
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