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POE Network Clocks

Provide Syncronized time and visual notifications across your entire organization with Novanex POE clocks and LED signs.

Power Over Ethernet Technology

Using Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology, Novanex digital and analog IP network clocks get time, data, and power directly from your network – making them reliable and energy efficient. Since there is no need for a master clock or electrical outlets, Novanex POE Clocks are easy to install, maintain, and relocate. ​Novanex's POE clocks are trusted to keep accurate, synchronized time in schools, major universities, hospitals, government offices, manufacturing facilities, contact centers, and corporate environments around the world.

Key Features




Continual synchronization


Easy installation, maintenance, and management


Energy efficiency




Assembled in the USA​

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Novanex 4 Digit Digital Clocks
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Novanex Emergency Messaging System

Accurate synchronized time for schools, universities, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities

POE Clock System Management

Schools and universities depend on accurate timekeeping to efficiently transition students from one class to the next. In healthcare facilities, synchronized time is critical to daily operations, whether it's checking on patients or delivering medications. Synchronized time in manufacturing environments promotes schedule adherence and efficiency of manufacturing processes.

Organizations depend on synchronized time and Novanex POE Clocks derive both data and power updates from your facility's own network. A network administrator can easily control one or hundreds of clocks from any PC on the network with a simple telnet session. The option of centralized UPS backup allows PoE devices to continue running even in the event of a power failure.
Management of your Novanex POE Clock system is also easy. Configuration and status checks can be handled through telnet or DHCP server options. Our web-based management system allows you to remotely monitor the status of each clock and receive email alerts if clocks become disconnected.