PresenTense Windows NTP Software

Complete Management Solution for Windows Network Time Synchronization

Manage, synchronize and simplify an entire Windows network referenced to a Stratum 1 Spectracom NetClock® product. Improve interoperability, lower network operating costs, and reduce administrative workloads with PresenTense network time management software to ensure all critical operations are synchronized to a millisecond with GPS accuracy.


Presentense Overview

PresenTense picks up where Windows leaves off.

PresenTense software replaces the minimal W32Time utility with significant capabilities for the network user. Shorter time sync intervals for superior timing accuracy, real-time monitoring, loss of time sync alert, support for redundant time sources, and easily accessed record logs all are provided in an intuitive, easily implemented package.

Presentense Details

Microsoft states that the W32Time Service is not designed to provide accurate time sync capability. “W32Time meets the requirements specified by the Kerberos authentication protocol to provide clock values that are loosely synchronized across a network. This service is not designed for use by applications that require greater precision.”—Microsoft article, Windows Time Service

PresenTense Comparison with W32Time


Windows W32Time

Much more frequent, user–selectable time synchronization intervals for significantly improved timing accuracies and overall system interoperability

Windows 2000 and 2003 sync only at a specific interval once every eight hours, XP is once per week

Millisecond accuracy to UTC

W32Time synchronizes a PC to within a nominal half of a second

Real-time monitoring and immediate email alert notification if the time standard is changed or lost

W32Time shows limited error logs in Event Viewer

Detailed time synchronization record logs easily accessed for forensics and litigation requirements

W32Time provides only limited alarm entries embedded with all of the other PC alarm indications

GUI driven operation

W32 Time is command driven

Supports primary, and redundant backup, time sources

W32Time only allows a single time source

No reboot necessary after installation

W32Time requires system reboot

Free technical support via phone or email

W32Time provides limited support

PresenTense Server and Client can send messages via syslog

W32Time supports local Event Viewer

PresenTense Software Programs

  • PresenTense Server, Version 4.1 Installed on one PC located on the network (typically the Domain Controller). This PC can synchronize to one of two possible Ethernet Time servers to allow for a redundant Time Server or to the Serial port of the Spectracom Netclock® Master Clock.
  • PresenTense Client NT, Version 4.1 - Installed on all remaining Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista servers and workstations. These PC’s synchronize to one of two possible IP addresses to allow for redundancy (typically the IP address of the PC running PresenTense Server and the IP address of the Ethernet Time Server).
  • PresenTense Client 98, Version 3.7 - Installed on all Windows 95/98/ ME workstations. These PCs synchronize to one of two possible IP addresses to allow for a redundant Time Server (typically the IP address of the PC running PresenTense Server and the IP address of the Ethernet Time Server).
  • LAN Time Analyzer, Version 1.2 - Management software that resides on any one PC on the network. Used to monitor the synchronization of all the PC’s on the network. Also provides remote configuration and diagnostics for all PCs running PresenTense software.
  • PresenTense Auditor, Version 3.8 - Independent verification software that runs on any Windows PC on the network. Compares PC clock to separate time source such as a local NTP server or internet time servers.

Software Upgrades

  • For minor updates, such as 3.7 to 3.8, contact Technical Support for your free update.
  • For major updates, such as 3.9 to 4.0, contact Sales for details.

System Requirements

  • Personal computer with 486/33MHz CPU or higher
  • Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, or Windows Vista
  • Mouse-over compatible pointing device
  • 800KB of hard disk spaceTCP/IP networking
  • Administrator privileges on each workstation

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