Operations in Critical Infrastructures rely more and more on assured and accurate time distribution. Precise time-stamping of high frequency events or transactions is a key enabler for monitoring, security and performance measurement of all kind of transaction-based operations. Time and Frequency synchronization quality has a direct impact on reliability and performances of multiple civilian and governmental communication systems.

As a way to meet the demand for quick infrastructure growth, including efficiency and scalability improvement, network-based time distribution is seeing strong adoption across all infrastructure industries. Interoperability requirements have led to the standardization of different network-time protocols, enabling time-transfer accuracy improvement from milli-second level (NTP), to sub-micro-second (PTP, IEEE1588). They also lead to supporting higher speed network interfaces, with the on-going migration from 1Gb Ethernet to 10 Gb Ethernet, or faster, interfaces.

A more recent standardized protocol, White Rabbit, now provides even more accurate time-transfer accuracy, down to the sub-nano-second level, in order to ensure a common and shared timescale over distant facilities.

Accurate network time transfer is a key enabler for designing reliable, redundant, time distribution architectures over large infrastructure networks, which combine different types of time reference acquisition and distribution. Using combined PTP/White Rabbit network time distribution, along with GNSS, is an efficient way to address weaknesses of GNSS signals, in particular their vulnerability to GNSS interferences.

Staying true to SecureSync strong modularity, 1204-XX Option Cards introduce a new level of network-time distribution, with 10 Gb Ethernet interoperability for PTP and White Rabbit (future) distribution, while preserving the wide range of options available with SecureSync (oscillator, timing interface option cards, power supply)


  • Network-synchronization as a backup to GNSS-based synchronization, providing ns level accuracy to UTC.
  • Improved transaction time-stamping resolution and accuracy, for high-rate transaction infrastructures.
  • Efficiency improvement and throughput increase for data replication mechanisms in datacenters.
  • Improved visibility on time-distribution monitoring, within infrastructures (time probing and traceability).
  • Enabler for Time As A Service.

And also, in combination with Safran timing portfolio:

  • Easier connection between a WR Z16 and a SecureSync GrandMaster through a WR link (not requiring anymore 1 pps, 10 MHz and NTP links).
  • A point to point WR link can be created more efficiently between a SecureSync (as the GrandMaster) and a ZEN TP-FL (as the end node).
  • Two SecureSync on distant sites can be WR linked, each site acting as a WR backup in case GNSS becomes unavailable on the other site.


  • Adds White Rabbit interface to SecureSync
  • White Rabbit & PTP GrandMaster
  • 1 G and 10 G configurations
  • 4 ports per card, up to 2 option cards fit in SecureSync 2400



  • Two-slots high Option Card for SecureSync ; two modules max per SecureSync base unit. (requires 6-slot capable base unit – 2406-xyz)



    • 4 Ethernet ports : 10 GbE (SFP+)
    • 1 pps output (LVTTL +3.3V)
    • Console port (micro-USB)


PTP : compliant with IEEE1588v2

        • Support E2E & P2P delay mechanism, Layer 2 & Layer 3, Unicast & Multicast
        • Support for default, G9265.1, power profiles


Ports can be configured as

  • PTP Master (exclusive)


  • Configurable Password Policy
  • RADIUS, TACACS+ authentication
  • Enable/Block protocols
  • SSH v2 (Open SSH 8.1)
  • SFTP/SCP secure file transfer over SSH session
  • Firewall configuration
  • Signed Software Updates


  • CLI commands through console port and Ethernet interface


  • SNMPv3 + traps with enterprise MIB
  • RSyslog


Temperature envelop of SecureSync 2400 with WROX Option Card installed is limited to +55°C for TCXO and OCXO configurations, and+50°C with Rubidium oscillator.
Power : per Option Card, overall power consumption from SecureSync is increased by 10 W, plus 1 to 2 W per SFP.

Regulatory Approvals

  • CE and UK mark, FCC part 15 class A, RoHS, REACH, WEEE

Ordering Information

  • 1204-58 : WROX Option Card 1 Gb
  • 1204-59 : WROX Option Card 10 Gb

Product Ecosystem

Safran offers a range of SFPs which are compatible with SecureSync base units and option cards. The portfolio includes

  • White Rabbit dedicated fiber SFPs ( 1 Gb / 10 Gb, OLT/ONU)
  • General purpose SFPs (1 Gb / 10 Gb, ) for PTP

Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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