Clear Protective Clock Covers

Within certain industries, the environment where the clocks are stationed can contain moisture, dust, debris, etc. This can be the case in manufacturing plants, indoor swimming pools, carpentry workshops and any other facilities where foreign objects may affect the clock’s functionality. As a solution, Sapling is now offering a Clear Protective Clock Cover in order to offer extra protection for clocks that operate in harsher environments.
Sapling Clear Protective Clock Cover for Digital Clocks
Sapling Protective Clock Cover for Analog Clocks

Clock Cover Features

  • Sapling’s protective clock cases are constructed out of polycarbonate, which provides durability and a clear view of the time
  • Cover comes with pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Sapling also offers an additional option to apply a conformal coating to the electronic board inside the clock to further protect from moisture and high humidity surroundings
  • Shields any of Sapling’s analog or digital clocks from dust, moisture and debris. Our Clear Cover will fit over the following:
    • 9” and 12” Square Analog Clock
    • 12” and 16” Round Analog Clock
    • 2.5”, 4 or 6 digits Digital Clock
    • 4.0”, 4 or 6 digits Digital Clock


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