Orolia GSG 5/6 Series

GSG 5/6 Series GPS/GNSS Simulators

Multi-Channel, Multi-Frequency Essential GNSS Simulators

Essential Simulation, Made Easy

Our GPS/GNSS satellite simulators are easy to use, scenario-based instruments that combine a powerful, feature-rich platform with industry-leading value and affordability for any requirement for GPS testing.

Safran’s GSG series simulators generate the same RF signals that are broadcast by navigation satellites to test any device or system with a GPS receiver. Several different configurations are available but all are upgradeable to add capability as your needs for GPS testing grows.

Build Scenarios with StudioView Software

GSG StudioView™ offers an easy way to create, edit and backup complex scenarios for Safran’s GSG series multi-channel GPS/GNSS simulators. Even though the ability to manage scenarios without the need of an external computer is an advantage of GSG simulators, StudioView Windows® software offers the following benefits for the test engineer:

  • Simple creation, editing and organization of all scenario parameters including dynamic events
  • Create, edit and visualize trajectories with mapping tools
  • Convert trajectories from CSV, KML, KMZ and GPX files to the required NMEA format
  • Create scenario files (including events and trajectories) without the need to be connected to a simulator
  • Free to download and explore!

And all of this, packaged in a well-thought-out user interface.

GSG 6 Blueprint


  • Powerful and accurate
  • Easy-to-configure
  • Easy-to-connect
  • Lowest cost-of-ownership
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Lightweight and portable

Support and Documentation

GSG-5/6 Series Essential Simulators Datasheet

GSG-5/6 Update Files and Documentation

Online User Reference Guide with SCPI Guide, GSG-5/6 Series GNSS Simulator

User Manual with SCPI Guide, GSG-5/6 Series GNSS Simulator

Leap Second Simulation Testing Scenario


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