Wireless Clocks

With a focus on innovation, Sapling’s Wireless Clocks operate on the patented 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology (2.4 GHz frequency range available for international use). This technology allows multiple secondary clocks to operate on the same frequency range without interfering with any additional wireless products you may have.

Sapling’s Wireless System begins with the master clock, which can receive time from any SNTP/NTP server or GPS satellite. The master clock then sends out a signal to the secondary analog and/or digital clocks.

Once the secondary clocks receive the signal, they have the ability to retransmit that signal to surrounding clocks, ensuring that all timekeeping devices display the accurate time. This ability eliminates the cost for additional repeaters and transmitters as well as ensuring the most accurate time. Sapling’s Wireless Clocks can be retrofitted to an existing system as well as eliminates the need for complicated wiring.

Sapling Wireless Clock

The Sapling Advantage – Wireless Clocks


Each Wireless Clock Acts As A Repeater

Since all clocks within the wireless clock system have repeaters built into each unit, there is no need to purchase additional equipment such as transmitters or extra repeaters. Every clock receives the wireless signal and sends out the time to its neighboring clock, making Sapling’s system unique and extremely accurate.

Sapling's Wireless System

Receives Signal From Multiple Paths

As a result of the built-in repeaters in each clock, the wireless signal can be received by any clock within the signal’s radius. This adds an extra layer of insurance that the clocks in your system are displaying the correct time.

Sapling's Wireless System

Patented Frequency-Hopping Technology

Sapling’s wireless system operates on the 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology (2.4 GHz frequency range available for international use only). This patented technology allows each clock to frequency hop the transmission to all of the surrounding clocks, enabling it to receive the correct time, even if there is interference on any of the frequencies.


No FCC License

With Sapling’s wireless clocks operating on an open frequency range, there is no need to purchase costly FCC licenses, saving you thousands of dollars over the life of the system.

Sapling's Wireless System

Web-Based Master Clock

Program our web-based SMA Series Master Clock from anywhere with an Internet connection. Its user friendly web interface is simple to use and can be setup within minutes.

 Sapling's Wireless System  

Fully Compliant

All of Sapling’s wireless clocks have full compliance with UL, cUL and FCC regulations.


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Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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