Time Synchronization Solutions

Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, synchronized clock display, digital message boards for display notification. The need for precise time and frequency is an important aspect enabling wireline & wireless communications and interconnectivity such as IT networks, satellite communications, military communications, aerospace, broadcast, simulcast and more.

Solutions to Help You - Don’t Waste Time on Time

Precision Time and Sync
PNT - Resilient Positioning, Navigation & Timing Platforms are required for the most critical applications. High performance timing solutions include GPS/GNSS time servers, master clocks, NTP appliances, and PTP (IEEE-1588) time servers with enhanced resiliency provided by alternative signals and anti-jamming technologies.

Bunch of Synchronozed Clocks
Synchronized time displays allow you to have every time display show the exact same time so no matter what part of the building or campus you are in all the clocks will be uniform and accurate and automatically update for daylight saving time.

Digital Clock Message boards located in high traffic clock locations can provide and important messaging capability. Message clock systems can bring visual notification to your facility, especially in busy noisy environments like hallways, lobbies, gymnasiums, stairwells, or office spaces. During normal operation the message board can present a time of day message. This can be switched to a high priority message which replaces all other messages during a time of crisis.