USB Programming Cable

Sapling’s USB Programming Cable is an accessory that enables a user to alter the manufacturer settings of the SBD/SBL/SBT 3200 and 3300 Series digital clocks. This capability allows a user to further customize the digital clock’s display settings and features in order to meet the needs of a particular facility.

This interface cable will allow you to connect a digital clock to a PC and customize the clock’s settings through the SBDConfig software, which is provided by Sapling. Once configured, these new settings can be saved on a computer and be uploaded to other 3200/3300 digital clocks using the same interface cable.

Sapling USB Programming Cable
  • Easily customize a variety of clock settings and display features, which include the following:
    • Elapsed Timer configuration
    • Alternating between time and date
    • Displaying the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit (Sapling’s Temperature Sensor is needed)
    • Configuring the Brightness Schedule of the clocks
  • Works in conjunction with the SBD Wired/SBL Wireless/SBT TalkBack Wireless 3200 and 3300 Series digital clocks
  • Simple connection from PC to the electronic board on the back of the digital clock


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