Orolia 823AJ GPS/GNSS Anti-Jam Antenna

8230AJ GPS/GNSS Anti-Jam Outdoor Antenna

The Model 8230AJ is a high gain (40 dB) GNSS outdoor antenna. It uses a three-stage low noise amplifier, a mid-section SAW, and a tight pre-filter to protect against saturation by high level sub-harmonics and L-band signals. The Anti-Jam antenna rejects signals for the lower elevation angles – where most of the interference comes from.

Standard or AJ Antenna – Which Should I Use?

The standard antenna sees the entire view of sky, equally receiving signals from satellites at the horizon or the zenith and all points in between. However, there is increasing interference in the GNSS L1 band, whether unintentional from other transmitters like communications towers or intentional from illegal “privacy jammers”. The AJ antenna rejects signals for the lower elevation angles – where most of the interference comes from – and only receives signals from the higher elevation angles where the satellites are. Of course, this reduces the number of satellites the receiver will see, but for the timing application, only a few satellites are needed. Moreover, with multi-constellation receivers, there are an increasing number of satellites available. So you get all the performance in timing accuracy you would get with a standard antenna plus 20 dB or more of interference rejection.
Orolia 8230 AJ GPS/GNSS Anti Jam antenna features

Key Features

  • High bandwidth to receive GNSS signals (GPS L1, GLONASS L1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, QZSS L1)
  • Drop in replacement for the Model 8230 Outdoor Antenna for use in high interference situations
  • Designed for harsh environments (IP67 rated)
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Unique conical antenna pattern rejects interference from the horizon
  • Uses the same cabling as the current Model 8230 and mounts to the same pipe supports with a new L bracket.
  • High out-of-band rejection

Support and Documentation

Antenna Installation Guide, Model 8230 and 8320AJ

8230AJ GPS/GNSS Anti-Jam Outdoor Antenna

ANT-KT Antenna Mount Kit Datasheet

8230 GPS-GNSS Outdoor Antenna Datasheet

Case Study - Using a Passive Anti-Jam Antenna to Combat GNSS Interference


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