Timing and Sync

Defense and commercial industries worldwide need precision timing to support critical network operations.

Network accuracy, security, compliance, and best practices all require the resilient time synchronization provided by Safran’s portfolio of network time servers & solutions.

Whenever accuracy, safety, security and reliability are critical, Safran leads the way.

Why You Need A Network Time Server

Time is critical for transactions across computer networks. Many events on the network need accurate time to initiate and control processes, and complete transactions such as authentication. Accurate time for time stamps and log files is also very important for billing systems, network diagnostics, digital forensics, high-reliability databases and process analysis.

Yet clocks in electronic devices are not designed for accuracy. A typical clock can drift more than one hour in a year. The solution is to employ network time synchronization.

Time synchronization is an important criterion for efficient network operations. A network time synchronization implementation is simple and relies on a network time server as a network master clock. The characteristics of a network time server determine the security, reliability, and accuracy as well as the ease of manageability of the network time application.


Accurate, Secure Timing

The most secure timing available, the SecureSync is built on a platform of configurable capability components, either by hardware, software or system integration, to offer precisely what you need at the lowest cost of ownership.

Safran fully supports the implementation of PTP (IEEE-1588v2) for applications that require microsecond accuracy on networks and devices.

Find out why we’re the world leader in Resilient timing.


Sub-Nanosecond Timing

White Rabbit is a collaborative project including CERN (the European Organization for Nuclear Research), GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research and other partners from universities and industry to develop a fully deterministic Ethernet-based network for general purpose data transfer and sub-nanosecond accuracy time transfer.

Mobile Mission Rugged Timing

A low SWaP, high performance GPS master clock and network time server that delivers accurate, software configurable time and frequency signals.

All-in-One PNT

VersaPNT is next-generation resilient position, navigation, and timing in a small, rugged package. GNSS performance is augmented with advanced alternative PNT technologies to ensure your system is always ready to perform accurately and reliably.

GPS/GNSS Alternative

As an encrypted signal 1000x stronger than GNSS, STL is an ideal solution for augmenting GPS or other GNSS constellations for resiliency and security or as a standalone indoor solution when roof access isn’t an option.

Resilient Timing and Cybersecurity

Interference Detection and Mitigation (IDM) is becoming a larger cybersecurity issue with the reliance on GPS/GNSS signals carrying the burden of making them an attractive vector of attack. Safran’s suite of IDM Solutions will protect your time and location data in any environment.



From timing to testing and simulation, Safran is at the forefront of developing encrypted signal solutions for M-Code and PRS.


Timing Boards

Synchronize one or more computer- or instrument chassis-based systems to a time code, providing accurate timing, time stamps for external events, time-based interrupts, and time & frequency reference signals to other devices. Our TSync line provides board-level timing ideal for domain controllers and other embedded applications. Available in PCIe and VPX. Includes Windows and Linux drivers.

Telnet Networks delivers to the Canadian market expertise in timing solutions for public safety, government, enterprise customers and service providers. We partner with leading suppliers to deliver master clocks, time servers, digital displays, analog clocks, digital message boards for display notification.

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