SecureSync BroadShield Option

Secure, Reliable PBT Protection Against Jamming and Spoofing

BroadShield added to SecureSync allows to trust the position, navigation and timing (PNT) received from GPS/GNSS.  With the increase in geolocation technologies especially with connected vehicles GPS jamming and spoofing is a rising threat, which can lead to a complete loss of positioning or fake positioning, with severe impact on delivered services.










Keep Your GPS/GNSS Synchronization Safe 24/7/365

BroadShield for SecureSync is an interference detection suite that keeps your GPS/GNSS Synchronization safe from vulnerabilities caused by jamming and spoofing. Developed jointly by Spectracom and Talen-X, it is the only GPS-dependent PNT solution that protects critical infrastructure systems, including:

  • Communication networks
  • Financial systems
  • Power grids
  • and more 

Spectracom BroadShield

Spectracom BroadShield Overview

Working with standard SecureSync GPS/GNSS receivers, BroadShield detects unintentional and malicious attacks in the GPS signal. It automatically notifies and disables your GPS/GNSS sychronization to keep your systems safe.

  • Over 75 jamming and spoofing detection algorithms
  • Works with standard SecureSync GPS/GNSS receivers
  • No additional HW required
  • Automatic switch to backup synchronization or holdover on detection of GPS/GNSS interference 

How it Works

Armed with feedback from BroadShield detected anomalies, SecureSync can be protected from potential performance degrading effects by automatically disabling GPS/GNSS synchronization, and switching to other available input references or transitioning into holdover utilizing the precise internal oscillator. Integration into the notification system means that detected events are logged, alarms are generated, and notifications are sent providing real-time situational awareness.

Jamming Detection

Spoofing Detection

  • CW Tone
  • Swept CW
  • Pulsed CW
  • AWGN 
  • BPSK
  • And more...
  • GNSS Simulators
  • Data Anomalies
  • Position Jumps
  • Time Jumps
  • Inconsistencies
  • And more....


Spectracom BroadShield

Why BroadShield?

Many mission critical defense, government and commercial operations require highly accurate and reliable PNT data, but often rely on signals from GPS/GNSS satellites that are increasingly susceptible to interference or jamming. Low-cost hardware, open source software and online videos have fostered the proliferation of these malicious devices. Defense markets have been able to utilize SAASM receivers capable of utilizing encrypted signals to defeat spoofing, but nothing has been commercially available to protect systems with standard GPS/GNSS receivers until now.


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