Sapling 2-Wire Digital Communication


Accuracy and Easy Installation on only 2 Wires

Sapling`s 2-Wire Digital Communication

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Wired Clock Systems

Sapling’s 2-wire digital communication is one of the most advanced systems in the world. Its simple installation and accurate timekeeping technology illustrate why Sapling is the leader in this industry. The 2-wire system utilizes only 2 wires for installation, one for data/power and the other as a reference.

Paired with Sapling’s Converter Box for power distribution, the 2-wire system is capable of running many clocks off of only one converter box unit. Providing immediate correction for time change, the 2-wire system is also capable of running analog and digital clocks on the same 2 wires. This system is available only on 24V clock models.

The Sapling Advantage

Power and Data On The Same Line

Power and Data On The Same Line

The system integrates power and data on the same line, eliminating the need for a third wire.

Instant Correction

Instant Correction

Up to the second correction ensures that the 2-Wire Digital Communication system is always on time.

Simple Installation

Simple Installation

The 2-Wire system installation is effortless, and with features like automatic polarity detection, setup is even easier.

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