Transformers are used in master clocks and time systems for reduction of 230 VAC/50 Hz or 115 VAC / 60 Hz to 12 and 24 VAC. Sapling uses double wound, isolation type transformers which feature copper windings and copper lead wire terminations throughout. The transformer has a UL Class 105°C insulation system with a 55°C temperature rise at a maximum ambient of 40°C. This insures a long life and cool operating temperatures. Multiple knockouts provide convenient conduit entry and exit locations through the front access wiring compartment. Ground studs are provided for bonding compatibility with both metallic and non-metallic conduit.


  • Steps down 230 VAC/50 Hz or 115 VAC/60 Hz to 12 and 24 VAC
  • Available in sizes from 6.2 amps to 31.2 amps
  • Multiple knockouts for multiple entry points


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